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True Blue Containers – your service-driven shipping container provider in Perth and Western Australia. We don’t just talk a good game; we deliver shipping container solutions that you can rely on. We have shipping containers for sale or hire, and also offer conversion and storage services.

Shipping containers have a number of useful purposes and no matter what you need them for, we can help. True Blue Containers caters to heavy industry, commercial businesses and consumers alike, offering shipping container storage solutions and containers for private transportation.

When you need more than standard containers, our team of dedicated experts can carry out a range of custom modifications. Whether domestic, commercial or industrial, you can buy shipping containers in any size and repurpose them to suit your specific needs.

Conveniently located in Midvale, our depot gives you one of the widest ranges of shipping containers in Perth. Select from our extensive array of sizes and grades of shipping containers for sale or hire.

Shipping container hire, sale and storage demands attention to detail. Our extensive industry knowledge and experience ensures that you have access to the best advice on shipping containers, a wide selection of stock and our comprehensive network of suppliers in Perth, WA and around the world.

Over the years, we have built strong industry relationships which provide us in-depth knowledge and access to an extensive range containers to meet your needs. We’ll find you the best options available, whether you want to buy shipping containers or hire a container in Perth or greater WA.

You’ll enjoy quick response on quotations, and the personalised service from the friendly staff at True Blue Containers.

Sizes and Configurations

Finding the perfect shipping container doesn’t have to be a challenge. True Blue Containers give you access to a comprehensive range of options, varying in size, grade and configuration. We carry all of the following equipment in our Midvale yard:
  • New and Used containers of all sizes 8ft – 40ft
  • Side door containers
  • Open top containers
  • Dangerous Goods containers
  • Refrigerated containers
We take the time to understand your requirements and your schedule. As a result, we undertake to deliver your container on time to your preferred location throughout WA. Alternatively, you can collect your shipping container from our depot.

Modify, Buy or Hire Shipping Containers

Our wide range of shipping containers in WA is available for sale or hire. We offer the flexibility of buying your shipping containers during or after the hire period. The innovative team at True Blue Containers can help you repurpose shipping containers with custom modifications and carry out a full conversion to specification.

Our Perth-based consultants can liaise with accredited engineers to develop and construct your modified container to the best quality and safety standards. Our custom orders observe the highest standards, so you can rest assured your newly purchased shipping containers are of the quality, strength and security that you can depend on.

Storage Options

True Blue Containers’ popular shipping container storage service in Perth benefits from our tireless commitment to quality service and flexibility. Our storage solutions are suitable for either short- or long-term storage of purchased, hired or privately owned containers.

We store containers of all sizes and types in our secured Midvale depot. Containers may be accessed with 24 hours’ notice, from 7.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday. We can deliver your container to your home for packing, or can arrange for you to load the container in one of the lay-down areas in our yard.

True Blue Containers’ Self Pack Removal Service is a simple, cost-effective solution when moving home or commercial premises. We can deliver a container for you to self-pack, then relocate your loaded container for you within Western Australia or interstate. Your goods can be forwarded immediately or stored until you’re ready for them.

Call True Blue Containers today on 0477 003 432 or 0428 801 500 to speak to one of our team about your storage requirements or alternatively fill out an enquiry form and we’ll contact you.

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Our team of experts are keen to advise you on the best shipping container solutions n for your business today. Call True Blue Containers on 0418 610 641 to speak with one of our consultants or alternatively, simply fill out the enquiry form.