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Shipping Containers – Buy, Hire or Store

We don’t just talk a good game, we deliver dependable solutions. Welcome to your premier provider of shipping containers for sale, hire, conversion and storage in Perth and Western Australia. True Blue Containers shipping containers cater to heavy industry and business alike, offering containers for private transportation and shipping container storage. Our team of dedicated experts carries out a range of custom modifications just for you; whether domestic, commercial or industrial – and can repurpose any sized shipping container to suit your specific needs.
Conveniently located in Midvale, our depot, gives you unrivalled choice. It allows you to select from our wide range of sizes and grades of shipping containers for either sale or hire. Shipping container hire, sale and storage demands attention to detail – our extensive industry knowledge and experience, guarantees you access to the best advice on shipping containers, a wide selection of stock and our comprehensive network of Perth, regional and global suppliers. Over the years, we have also taken care to build strong industry relationships that grant us fast access to wholesale suppliers. This ensures that you get the best options available, quick response on quotations, and the personalised service that you have to come to value.

Sizes & Configurations

The search for the perfect shipping container is not without its challenges. True Blue Containers – recognising this fact – has made sure you have access to a comprehensive selection of shipping containers, ranging in size, grade and configuration. Occasionally referred to as sea containers, as True Blue Containers’ customers you can look forward to the following:   
  • Stock that includes 8ˈ to 40ˈ general purpose containers
  • Side door containers
  • Open top containers
  • Refrigerated containers
Our diverse range of shipping containers is not only for sale but available by hire as well. We even offer the flexibility of arranging purchase after a period of hire.    The innovative team at True Blue Containers can also repurpose a shipping container with custom modifications or carry out a full conversion to suit your bespoke requirements. Our Perth-based consultants are available to liaise with accredited engineers in developing your modified container. Most of our shipping containers for sale are second hand, which provides you with an option for purchase and repurposing that is easy on your budget. All our custom orders observe the highest standards so you can rest assured your newly purchased shipping containers are of the quality, strength and security you can depend on.

Storage Options

True Blue Containers premier shipping container storage service in Perth is made possible by our untiring commitment to flexibility. Our shipping container storage solutions are suited to those looking for either short or long-term hire options. We take the time to understand your requirements and can deliver to your preferred location throughout WA or alternatively you can collect from us for storage. True Blue Containers’ self-pack removals service has proven to be a popular option particularly when used in conjunction with our storage solutions – store your furniture, equipment and goods until your new location is ready to move into.   Storage Options

Find your Shipping Container today

Our team of experts are keen to advise you on the best shipping container solutions n for your business today. Call True Blue Containers on 0418 610 641 to speak with one of our consultants or alternatively, simply fill out the enquiry form.