Shipping Container Rentals

Short and long term shipping container rentals

If you’re looking for a practical and portable storage solution, True Blue Containers should be your first call as we provide new or near-new shipping containers for rent in Perth and WA. Each of our shipping or sea containers for hire is an affordable alternative to purchasing your own container, especially if you only have short-term needs. Our hire process is simple and straight-forward.

Whether you need portable storage over the long-term or short-term, we’ll take the time to understand your requirements and source suitable shipping container rentals. We can deliver your chosen product directly to you, or you can collect from us. Contact us to find out about our range of sea containers for hire.

Shipping container hire at affordable prices

When you choose True Blue Containers, you benefit from our flexibility and experience with temporary storage, interstate moves, and event hires. Shipping container rentals also give you the flexibility to ‘try before you buy.’ You can buy your hire container at any time during the course of the rental contract.

Select from a range of high-quality, secure, new and second-hand shipping containers for rent in WA. We have a variety of sizes and configurations available.

Choose from the numerous sizes, grades and options available, including:

  • 8′ Mini cube
  • 10′, 20′ and 40′
  • General Purpose
  • High Cube
  • Side Door
  • Open Top
  • Flat Rack
  • Refrigerated
  • Dangerous goods storage containers (AS1940-2004)

Options are available for dangerous goods storage and refrigerated containers. Sea container rentals are popular for events, whether as a practical solution providing temporary office space, as a stall, or to lend an industrial feel to your occasion.

Shipping Container Hire

How to rent a shipping container for moving or storage

Browse our gallery or contact us to discuss your container requirements. We supply 8, 10, 20 and 40-foot new and used containers. We offer general purpose containers, high cubes, flat racks, refrigerated containers, shelved containers and specialised containers to suit your needs.

Our rental terms are simple, and the set-up process straightforward.The initial invoice will include payment to the end of the following month plus freight costs for delivery and return of the container, all payable upfront.After that, we charge you the daily hire fees, invoiced monthly for the life of the hire contract. Payments are accepted via credit card or EFT.

Shipping container hire and transport

Our shipping container rentals can be negotiated with delivery, if required. Short-term container rentals are a popular option for individuals or businesses that are moving and require temporary