• Foodbank WA is the State’s largest hungry relief organisation. We help to feed over 51,000 Western Australian’s every month through a network of over 450 charities, community groups and welfare agencies. During the last financial year, we distributed more than 3.11 million kilograms of food. This is equivalent to over 4 million meals!

    But still people miss out. Our agency partners estimate that not only do they turn away almost 9000 people a month, but that they need a great deal more food to meet the demand of the people they are helping.

    Despite our relative prosperity, 1 in 5 Australians have incomes well below the minimum wage.  More than ever families are struggling with cost of living pressures and turning to charities for food assistance.

    While it is often thought that it is the traditionally vulnerable groups like seniors, the unemployed and homeless people who seek food relief, research shows that 74% of the people we help in WA are from low income families. They are not unemployed - they simply don’t bring in enough money to make ends meet.

    Foodbank WA also operates Australia’s largest School Breakfast Program.  Stretching from the far north to the coastal south, the program provides support to over 17,000 students in over 420 schools each week.

    As WA’s largest hunger relief charity, Foodbank is uniquely placed to help tackle the growing problem of hunger in our community.  But we can’t do it alone and rely heavily on donors who share our passion to make a difference.

    True Blue Containers are one such partner, whose monthly pledge has helped to create more than 30,000 meals for people in need.
    Greg Hebble – CEO Foodbank WA
    Foodbank WA
  • We are very proud to announce the support and help offered by True blue containers for making it possible for us to acquire a 20 foot container to send items to Kimberley Care Orphanage home in Ghana. We are very humbled and grateful for this generous support and may God richly bless True blue Containers. We will always cherish your support and care. Thank you very much.
    Kimberley Orphanage Ghana
  • Dear Dion, On Behalf of The John Fawcett Foundation. I wish to thank you most sincerely for your assistance in donating the 40ft High Cube. This is a vital addition to support our shipments of medical equipment from Fremantle to Bali. Our previous container is beyond further use, so this gift is highly important to our humanitarian work. Many Thanks John A Fawcett.
    The John Fawcett Foundation