Invest in our quality New and Second Hand Containers

The next time you buy shipping containers, we would like it to be a great investment. Great investments are hard to come by, partly because they are rare and partly because it takes time to recognise they are great. However, True Blue Containers sea containers for sale are exactly that – great investments. They stand the test of time and suit your specific needs. Our container survey service ensures you receive the highest quality product for your requirements.

Whether you are hoping to find used shipping containers for sale or simple sea container rental, you have come to the right place. We stock sea containers for sale in Perth and wider WA to individuals and organisations, like you, looking to build their businesses.

We understand that when a business is seeking to buy shipping containers, it has a vision that relies on innovative and cost-effective solutions that make the most of storage space and portability. This is why True Blue Containers stock and source brand new and used shipping containers globally – to provide you with true choice in size and colour.

Our extensive range of shipping containers for sale in Perth and WA include:

  •  8′ mini cube
  • 10′, 20′ and 40′
  • General purpose
  • High cube
  • Side door
  • Open top
  • Flat rack
  • Refrigerated
  • Dangerous goods storage shipping containers (compliant to AS1940-2004)

The Decision – Used or New?

This isn’t a decision anyone should take lightly and neither should you – we certainly don’t.

A new shipping container constructed to required ISO standards can be a quality asset investment. It can provide: ongoing, onsite storage or a moveable site office, recreation room or portable housing. A new shipping container assures you of structural integrity and quality aesthetics. Our sea containers for sale can also be manufactured to standards that are even suitable for cyclone regions.

So why consider our used shipping containers for sale?

Primarily, it is a matter of budget but also quality. These are two things we respect. Our used shipping containers provide a cost effective alternative to purchasing brand new. Often, it’s not necessary to purchase a brand new product – this is something some take for granted. For simple storage, office conversions and modifications, our used shipping containers for sale are the perfect solutions that also come at the right price.

True Blue Containers grading system ensures you receive the best quality product for your purpose. Our used shipping containers are inspected and surveyed, checked for structural damage, integrity and aesthetics, then graded. Second hand products have proven to be excellent options for upcycling and repurposing for new use. We have various grade options to suit every budget.

We have quality stock with favourable turnover, so contact us today to discover what is available to suit your specific needs. Visit us to discuss what solution is best for you with one of our dedicated consultants or just call us on 0418 610 641.