Shipping Container Modifications to Suit Your Purpose

Shipping container modifications Australia

Shipping container modifications and conversions to suit your purpose

Many people and businesses are coming to realise the versatility, cost effectiveness, and practicality of shipping container modifications for a range of private and commercial purposes. Utilising a shipping container is an affordable solution to expanding your business or home. In fact, there are many innovative ways to use them beyond traditional storage and transportation.

For example, you might need a portable, sheltered break-room for employees who work at different outdoor sites. You could also need to provide accommodation for employees who have to work long distances away from home. You may require simple shipping container modifications in order to store specialised industry equipment, or you may need to carry out more extensive modifications with an emphasis on liveable comfort.

When you work with a professional company, like True Blue Containers, which offers personalised container conversions, you are virtually limited only by your imagination.

We offer a high level of flexibility and have adapted our services to accommodate the rise in changing industry trends and public demands. We provide shipping container modifications and/or conversions to fit a wide range of personal- and business requirements.

In the case of the latter, shipping containers are a popular option for expansion for many businesses due to their strength, durability, and portability. Affordability is also an important factor, which is why here at True Blue Containers, we provide quality approved second-hand containers that can meet different budgets.

We have carried out container conversions for site offices, garages, and storage units. Shipping container conversions are popular for mining sites, where converted containers are used as accommodation, offices, lunch rooms, and workshops. The hospitality industry has also recognised the usefulness of converted shipping containers as they are used to create boutique hotels across Australia.

Our Shipping Container Modifications Meet National Regulations

Shipping container modifications can be made to include windows, doors, and ventilation. You can also completely makeover the interior so that it fits in with your business’s décor and provides a personal, non-industrial touch. New and second-hand containers can be modified to ensure they meet specific accreditation by local and state government.

True Blue Containers will work with accredited engineers to ensure your shipping container modifications meet all bylaws and regulations. For more complex modifications, we utilise the specialised expertise of an engineering and drafting service to ensure container conversions meet safety and quality standards.

These standards differ depending on what you intend to use the containers for. Quality and safety standards for a container converted for refrigeration are vastly different from containers that are modified for use in an advertising campaign, exhibition, or artistic display. Regardless of use, we will ensure that all of our shipping container conversions are safe and secure.

We have a range of sizes and grades available for container modifications in Perth. Modifications can also be made to a shipping container you already own. All you have to do is provide us with your idea and a detailed sketch that includes your unique requirements. We’ll then provide you with a quote on the work and get started on your modifications.

True Blue Containers’ staff members are available to help and advise you on the practicality and processes involved in undertaking shipping container conversions or modifications. We have many different sizes and types of containers available, have a look at our gallery. When you’re ready, send us an enquiry or call 0477 003 432 to discuss your modification ideas.