Shipping Container Modifications to Suit Your Purpose

Many people and businesses are coming to realise the versatility, cost effectiveness and practical applications of shipping container conversions and modifications. Utilising a shipping container is an affordable solution to expanding your business or home and there are many innovative uses possible beyond storage and transportation.

True Blue Containers have adapted to accommodate rising demands and can undertake modifications and/or conversions to fit your requirements. Shipping containers are a popular option for many businesses due to their strength, durability and portability. We have carried out shipping container conversions for site offices, garages or storage units. Shipping container conversions are popular for mining sites, where converted containers are used as accommodation, offices, lunch rooms and workshops.

Options in Modifying Your Shipping Container

Shipping container modifications can be made to include windows, doors or ventilation, or a complete makeover of the interior. A shipping container can also be modified to ensure it meets specific accreditation by local and state government. True Blue Containers will work with accredited engineers to ensure your shipping container modification meets all bylaws and regulations and for more complex modifications, we utilise the specialised expertise of an engineer and drafting service.

We have a range of sizes and grades available for conversion, or modifications can be made on a shipping container you already own. Simply provide us with your idea and a detailed sketch. We can then quote on the work and get started with your modification.

True Blue Containers are available to help and advise you on the practicality and processes involved in undertaking a conversion or modification. We have many different sizes and types of shipping containers available. View our gallery here, send us an enquiry or call 0418 610 641 to discuss your modification ideas.