Hiring or purchasing a second hand shipping container is the affordable and practical option to solve your long or short term storage issues. Your goods are safe in one of our wind resistant and water tight containers made from premium grade solid steel. The mining industry utilises shipping container storage due to its high security, durability and protective ability.

However, no matter your size or purpose, a shipping container can be used to store your equipment, furniture and other assets. A shipping container’s portability makes it a superior option to storage units as your container can be moved between locations, ideal for use across multiple work sites or when you need to store and move goods between locations.

Our shipping container storage solutions are also a way to simplify your business, home or office move and can be used in conjunction with our removals service. At times, you need to pack your goods before you are ready to move. Pack and store your goods in a second hand shipping container until moving day, when we will pick up the container and deliver it for you. You can find out more about our self-pack removals services here.

Onsite Shipping Container Storage

Modify Your Storage Container

We can carry out shipping container modifications depending on the type of storage you require. Additions such as shelving or security lock covers can be included to ensure safety, security and long term protection for your goods. Our containers can also be modified to enable storage of hazardous goods. Check with our yard to see what we already have available or what we can source for you.

Our second hand shipping containers are the perfect storage option. We have short and long term storage options available, depending on your circumstances and situation, and can deliver and remove your container when you are ready.

Browse our gallery to view the range of sizes and configurations or talk to True Blue Containers about our competitive rates, onsite storage options and logistics on 0418 610 641 or send us an enquiry.