• Good morning Dion,

    Wanting to check you have received my payment, I was hoping for delivery today so I can start moving on the weekend. I used my mortgage redraw account which I have not used before, so I ticked the 'send payment confirmation to payee' box, so you should have received an email.

    I also wanted to let you know how pleased I was to read your statement about donating a percentage of your sales to Foodbank. It is a cause close to my heart, I commend you for your generous community spirit.

    Thank you for your time, honesty and advice throughout this transaction. What you consider an everyday transaction is an enormous decision for me financially, and I found you extremely sensitive and respectful to my position.

    I will certainly recommend your business to others, and purchase from you if the need ever arises again.

    Kind regards
  • I have passed your contacts to a few around Perth looking for containers. Hope they come through. Although only having a small amount of contact with your company it would appear there is a ‘strong work ethic and service provision’. Rare and endangered qualities in our ‘wannitnow’ lifestyle. ‘You may quote me’! Carey Hobson
    Pilbara Western Australia
  • “Service outstanding, Dion and the team are fantastic to deal with. Would recommend to anyone needing to hire or purchase a container. All the best Oceanic Alliance”
    (Katie & Mike)
  • “Dion is an awesome bloke with a fantastic business & goes well out of his way to help you”
    Murray Hicks
  • “Hi Dion,

    Too often in this world we complain about bad service, but forget to thank good service. Today you didn’t do a good job, you did a GREAT job!! Thank you for your service today which you carried out professionally and timely, you understood our urgency and it has set a precedence for your company onsite. I look forward to doing business with you in the future!! Madeleine Venter”
    Densford Civil
  • “My container arrived Friday am. Delivery driver was excellent, problem with a tight turn as it was a long truck, no problem I got the chainsaw out & felled the tree. Problem solved. The 20’ container was placed in the exact position that I had measured out. Great service & patience from a very considerate & experienced driver. So in all the service just kept on coming. Dion once again I congratulate you and your team on the excellent service you provide. Plus being a local business, I’m happy to support you”
    Gary Cunningham