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Modify Shipping Containers to Suit Your Needs

modified shipping container

More and more businesses across Australia are recognising the potential of the humble shipping container. Customised sea container modifications can include adding windows, doors, power, insulation, and ventilation, allowing these versatile steel boxes to meet almost any business need.

Why modify a shipping container?

Shipping containers are rising in popularity due to their strength, durability, and portability. Price is also a factor, which is why here at True Blue Containers, we provide good quality approved second-hand containers to meet all budgets. We have refitted sea container interiors to match the business’s branding, creating a personal, non-industrial touch. We ensure every modification we undertake meets specific accreditation by local and state governments, working with accredited engineers to make sure your shipping container modifications meet all bylaws and regulations.

The basics

We offer flexibility and efficiently accommodate the rising need for bespoke modifications to meet individual needs. Our team can transform 20ft, 40ft, or mini shipping containers into customised units ideal for your specific application. Modifying a shipping container into a storage unit, house, pop-up commercial venture, or office requires the right expertise and design techniques to ensure structural integrity. Every True Blue Container shipping container modification meets the rules and regulations required in commercial and industrial operations.

What kind of modifications can you make to shipping containers?

Our experienced team can add features to assist with security, convenience, access, organisation, comfort, versatility, and more.

We can add the following:

  • Shelving
  • Power
  • Air conditioning
  • Insulation
  • Lighting
  • Painting
  • Roller doors
  • Personal access doors
  • Windows
  • Whirlybirds

Modify a shipping container today

Modified shipping containers are an excellent choice for storage, extra space, and other needs. Shipping containers protect assets from weather and theft. True Blue Containers can easily outfit your container with electrical, phone, and computer outlets to provide the ultimate flexibility and convenience. There is growing demand for versatile and modular applications for shipping container modifications, meaning the design possibilities are endless.

Why choose True Blue Containers?

We stock all sizes and grades of containers for modification in Perth. We can also modify any shipping container you already own. Let us know what you want, ideally with a detailed sketch, and we’ll provide you with a quote on the work and get started on your modifications.

True Blue Containers is a dynamic, WA-owned business ready to provide you with the best advice on modifying your shipping container to suit your needs. Our depot is stocked with shipping containers for sale and hire in varying sizes and configurations, with multiple options for modifying, converting, and storage.

We are conveniently located in Midvale; our yard services Perth and its surrounds via Roe Highway, leading to major arterial roads and Fremantle port.

Any more questions?

We offer competitive prices, high-quality products, and professional services. So, get in touch with us today for a quote.

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