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How Do You Move A Shipping Container?

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Buying your shipping container from True Blue Containers was a brilliant experience. It’s been delivered and is ready for you to fill up. Now, it’s here you realise the location is a little off, and you need to move it. But how do you move it, now it’s full? How do you move a shipping container?

Read on to learn the best ways to move your shipping container.

How do you move a shipping container?

It’s not a case of simply dragging it from one location to another. There are a few ways you can move these versatile containers, depending on your budget, experience, and needs. 

Start with the basic: how much does your container weigh?

Standard 20-foot shipping containers usually weigh over 2,200 kilos; because of this, it’s common to use semi-trailers or flatbed trailers to move them.

How do you load a shipping container onto a truck?

There are two main ways to move your storage container onto a truck or flatbed trailer – a forklift or a crane.

Moving a shipping container by forklift

Not all forklifts can move shipping containers. Many smaller forklifts are simply strong enough or wide enough to lift a sea container. Make sure the forklift you use is outfitted to lift at least 6,800 kilos. This grading will ensure the forklift’s arms are wide enough and strong enough to lift your shipping container without causing damage or being damaged.

Moving a shipping container by crane

A crane is an excellent option for moving sea containers, but you need a special license to operate them. You may need to hire someone to do the crane lifting for you, even if you will be driving the shipping container to a new location.

Learn about Department of Transportation Regulations

The Department of Transport has limits on the gross weight you can move when towing a trailer. As shipping containers are heavy, ensure that you aren’t contravening any local regulations when moving your sea container.

Hiring a professional shipping container moving service

If you are concerned about moving your sea container, contact us. We can move your container safely and efficiently. We offer extensive transport and delivery options, and our team is ready to advise on the logistics of your move.

How much does it cost to move a sea container?

The total costs of moving a sea container can vary based on several factors:

  • If you are driving it yourself
  • Hire of a flatbed or semi-trailer
  • If you hire professionals
  • The weight of the container
  • The distance it needs to travel to its new location

Moving a shipping container yourself may be slightly cheaper overall, but only if you have the skills, licensing, and access to the equipment you need to move the container.

Our advice is to get your shipping container exactly where it needs to be the first time you select a site.

Why choose True Blue Containers?

True Blue Containers is a dynamic, WA-owned business ready to provide you with the best advice on how to move your shipping container.

Our yard is stocked with shipping containers for sale and hire in varying sizes and configurations, with multiple options for modifying, converting, and storage.

Our strategically located Midvale depot is close to service Perth and Western Australian business and industry via nearby Roe Highway leading to major arterial roads and Fremantle ports.

Any more questions?

We offer competitive prices, high-quality products, and professional services. So, get in touch with us today for a quote.

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