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August 3, 2023
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Common Mistakes When Hiring A Shipping Container

Common Mistakes When Hiring A Shipping Container

Costs are rising across the board, and it’s no surprise that these rising costs have increased the price of shipping containers over the past few years. People use these functional containers for various purposes, including transporting goods, making portable homes and offices, and securing storage compartments. You can always hire one if you can’t afford to purchase a sea container. 

Before you rush out and hire the first container, consider a few things. We’ve listed people’s most common mistakes when hiring a shipping container.

  1. Choosing the wrong sea container to hire

Not all storage containers are created equal. Some of the most common varieties available are standard shipping containers, high cube containers, reefers, top-loading shipping containers, side-loading containers, flat rack containers, dangerous goods transportation containers, and many more. There two most common types of containers are the 20ft and the 40ft containers. It’s critical to choose the right container for your requirements. While renting a larger container might appear more cost-effective in the long run, there’s the possibility your needs will change over time. If this happens, you have no choice but to hire another container and move it to a new location. Talk to your supplier about the different storage container rental prices available.

  1. Failing to prepare your container site

Whether you’re hiring a shipping container for storage or as a functional space, ensuring it sits on an appropriate surface is critical. You need a flat surface, preferably on paving. Don’t take any risks. Make sure your plot of land is ready for a container.

  1. Hiring an over-modified container

If you’re considering hiring a used container, make sure you ask about its history and understand all the modifications it has gone through.

  1. Not correctly reading the contract

When it comes to sea container hire in Perth, there’s more to consider than just the primary transportation and storage costs. Other related expenses include: 

  • workers who can help unload and store the container 
  • local taxes 

If you don’t cover these additional costs, you might end up paying far more for your shipping container hire than your original agreement stated. 

Talk to us before hiring your sea container

Before hiring a sea container, talk to an expert. Our team is always available to discuss your needs. If you can’t get on-site to inspect our stock, give us a call instead. 

Choose True Blue Containers for all your new and used sea containers in Perth

True Blue Containers is a shipping container provider in Perth, WA, offering top-quality storage solutions for commercial, consumer, and heavy industry requirements. Our Perth-based experts will help you find the perfect solution when to your shipping container problem. Whether you’re interested in storage container rental or are looking to buy sea containers in Perth, we have the best choice for your needs. 

Give us a call or leave us a message and let the True Blue Containers team take care of your sea container needs!

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