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June 22, 2021
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Why Are Containers So Crucial To The Shipping Industry?

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The shipping container industry started in the mid-1950s when American Malcolm McLean patented the first container ship. The International Organization for Standardization began outlining standardisation of all containers in 1961. Before this, manufacturers were responsible for packing goods onto boats, which were then unpacked from the boated and loaded onto other vehicles (trains or trucks). By standardising shipping containers, ships, trains, and trailers could be loaded and unloaded efficiently. 

Container shipping services

Commercial container shipping services are vital for global trade. They are responsible for the transportation of goods globally, so being efficient and economical is imperative. The shipping industry plays a vital role in our modern society. 

Today, over 55 000 cargo ships are active in international trade. The industry represents over 150 countries, crewed with over 1.5 million sailors around the world. Companies can now ship large quantities from one location to another, allowing manufacturing in off-site factories in countries where labour may be cheaper or more specifically skilled. 

The container shipping industry also brings the opportunity for shippers to use warehouses around, meaning goods can be shipped quickly to different customers.

Container sizes

Container shipping uses standard-sized containers of 20, 40, 45 feet, and 53 feet. The standard measure is Twenty-feet Equivalent Unit (TEU). All shipping containers are built to international standards, making them interchangeable between shipping companies and rail or truck companies.

Standardised containers

By using standardised shipping containers, ships, trains, and trailers can be loaded and unloaded efficiently. This efficiency makes goods more affordable than if the containers were loaded and unloaded at each stop along the route.

How freight is shipped

Goods transported in sea containers can be loaded and sealed where they are manufactured and stay that way until they arrive at their destination. The manufacturer collaborates with freight forwarders to arrange transportation to the final destination. A trucking company then moves the container to the port, ready for loading onto a ship. The only entity that may open and inspect a sealed container is Customs. 

About 20 million containers are traveling across the oceans every day, and while container ships are large, many of them have a small crew of approximately 13-24 crewmembers.

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