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HC and GP: What These Terms Mean Regarding Shipping Containers

high cube sea containers

If you’re in the market for a shipping container and have started researching which kind is right for you, you may have come across the terms HC and GP. But what do they mean? Let’s break it down for you.

Types of shipping containers

General Purpose (GP) and High Cube (HC) shipping containers are today’s two primary dry standard shipping containers on the market. 

  • General Purpose Sea Containers: this original standard size is 259.08cm tall with an internal height of 238.44cm. 
  • High Cube Sea Containers: as the name suggests, these are taller than GP containers, measuring 289.56cm tall, with an internal height of 269.24cm, giving an extra 30cm height across the unit. This additional height significantly increases the interior volume. 

Container length – 6m or 12m?

Along with different heights, containers also come in various lengths. The two most popular sizes are six metres or twelve metres long. However, you’re more likely to find used general purpose containers measuring in at 6m than high cubes – as shipping lines tend to prefer slightly smaller containers.

Interestingly, shipping lines also tend to prefer 12m versions of HC containers, meaning there are likely to be more 12 metre HC containers available for hire or sale secondhand. With this extra room comes an increased price tag, so make sure you need all that extra storage space.

Best Sea Containers for homes or other uses

If you’re looking for a used sea container in Perth to convert into a home office or a living space, it is usually relatively easy to find a used GP, 20ft unit, or an HC, 40ft unit. However, ensure you research what the container transported before trying to convert it into a living space – if it’s transported toxic chemicals, for example, it may not be suitable to use as a construction material. True Blue Containers’ staff members will advise you on the practicality and processes involved in undertaking shipping container conversions or modifications. We have many different sizes and types of containers available; look at our gallery


Which sea container should you choose?

As with many things, this comes down to what you need to transport or how you intend to use the sea container. If you need to transport lightweight and bulky products, then consider an HC shipping container. Are you looking to relocate a high-density yet low-volume consignment? Consider using a GP version. If you’re still unsure which type of container is best for you, call us. One of our experienced team members can run you through your choices and find the sea container best suited to your needs. We have plenty of sea containers for sale.

Get in contact with True Blue Containers today

If you’re looking for a shipping container for specific, long-term purposes, and have specific size requirements, order a new general purpose or high cube shipping container from Perth’s leading sea container dealer. Contact True Blue Containers in Perth today.

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