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The Pros and Cons of Shipping Container Homes

shipping container homes

Just like it says on the box, shipping container homes are just that – homes made out of shipping containers! They are also used to make studios, cabins and office spaces.


But why are modified shipping containers used to make homes? Well, it’s because there are about 15 million out-of-service shipping containers worldwide and shipping companies are always keen for the containers to be put to use elsewhere – making them a cost-effective way to add a self-contained home or room to your property.


Interest in shipping container homes is on the increase, with potential homeowners looking for low-construction and maintenance cost ideas.


Shipping Container Homes: Pros and Cons




Eco-Friendly: Since shipping containers are already in circulation, re-purposing them into a home or room is environmentally friendly.


Fast Construction: Many shipping container homes are available as prefabricated modular homes, making construction time shorter.


Cheaper: Modified shipping container homes come largely pre-fabricated, meaning you are saving on having to buy new building materials.




Reinforcement issues: The corrugated steel walls of shipping containers are essential to its core strength, meaning if you cut a hole to make a window you will need to reinforce that area of the structure.


Size limitations: Shipping containers generally come in 3 different sizes, so if you want a very large room you will have to cut out walls on multiple containers to get the desired room size.


The Advantage of Shipping Container Homes over Regular Homes


Shipping container houses are faster to build. They are re-purposed mainly from shipping/container companies and usually and take way faster time to assemble than your normal brick and mortar homes. This is because traditional homes made from wood and concrete are the slowest to construct and finish and are subject to construction delays.


Since the containers have been used before to store imported and exported goods, shipping container house builders need to thoroughly clean, reinforce and test them before construction. This is to make meet certification requirements and to make sure they don’t contain harmful residues.


Shipping container houses take only a few weeks up to a month to finish. It all depends on the complexity of your house plan and the type of finishing work you desire – making them a fast, cost-effective way to build a house or extra room on your property.


Complete Shipping Container Modifications in Australia


The team at True Blue Containers have a range of sizes and grades available for container modifications in Perth, Australia.


We can also provide modifications to a shipping container you already own. All you have to do is provide us with your idea and a detailed sketch that includes your unique requirements. We’ll then provide you with a quote on the work and get started on your modifications.


True Blue Containers’ staff members are available to help and advise you on the practicality and processes involved in undertaking shipping container conversions or modifications for homes, studios offices and more. We have many different sizes and types of containers available, have a look at our gallery. Send us an enquiry, or call 0418 610 641 to discuss your modification ideas.

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