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What Are Insulated Shipping Containers?

insulated shipping containers

An insulated container will maintain the initial temperature and protects the interior from exterior conditions such as heat and cold while in transit, and are ideal for transporting goods or keeping people protected from the outside climate when used for office spaces or housing.


Why Do We Need Insulated Shipping Containers?


The multi-trillion dollar shipping industry uses millions of insulated shipping containers to transport climate sensitive items. From fresh produce, beverages and other frozen items, to pharmaceuticals  and chemicals; these goods often need to be maintained at specific temperatures.


They also need to be protected from contamination. This is done by ensuring that air entering and leaving the container is filtered – and insulation plays an important role. It completely seals a shipping container off from the outside and helps maintain a fixed climate condition for the transported goods.


An important point that needs to be understood to comprehend temperature controls on insulated shipping containers is the cold chain. The cold chain refers to a supply chain methodology that keeps certain goods in a permanent cold state throughout its journey from point A to point B (the supplier to the customer).


The cold chain is important because there will be no abrupt changes in temperature that could cause a variety of problems.


For instance, frequent thawing of foods will often cause spoilage, and render the items useless – so keeping them cold will help lock in the freshness of the food and improve its overall shelf-life.


For things like pharmaceutical drugs, the composition of the pills or vials may change the medication itself if they are not kept below a certain temperature.


How do I Insulate a Shipping Container?


The best way to insulate a shipping container is to affix battens to the walls, ceilings and floor of the container. Different materials can be used to insulate a shipping container.


Batt Insulation is made up of finely woven strands of mineral wool or plastic fibres and looks a bit like fairy floss.  Batts are idea for container offices and other living spaces as they are also an industry standard for residential and office structures.


Spray Foam insulation is a foam that is sprayed onto interior surfaces that sets as a hard, water-resistant covering. It has a very long life span (of about 80 years) and is ideal for transporting goods.


Mineral wool is made from rock, blast furnace slag or other melted raw materials, and are a good non-flammable insulation option.


Why Choose True Blue Containers For Insulated Containers?


If you are looking for a fire-resistant space to house machinery, people or other items, then a converted, insulated container is a great solution.


The team at True Blue Containers have a range of sizes and grades available for container homes and modifications in Perth, Australia.


We are passionate shipping container providers who offer top-quality storage solutions for commercial, consumer, and heavy industry requirements.


We can also provide modifications to a shipping container you already own. All you have to do is provide us with your idea and a detailed sketch that includes your unique requirements. We’ll then provide you with a quote on the work and get started on your modifications.


True Blue Containers’ staff members are available to help and advise you on the practicality and processes involved in undertaking shipping container conversions or modifications. We have many different sizes and types of containers available, have a look at our gallery. Don’t delay and send us an enquiry today, or call 0418 610 641 to discuss your modification ideas.

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