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Can Shipping Containers Burn?

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The simple answer is yes, they can. However, the answer also lies in the materials used to make a shipping container. The right materials and modifications made to a shipping container are important for them to be fit-for-purpose and more fire-retardant.


The good news is that the outside structure of a standard shipping container is made from marine-grade corten steel, so it can weather sea transportation and has its own fire-retardant properties.


This galvanised steel is essentially fireproof, meaning that in the event of a fire, the structural integrity of the shipping container will likely not be compromised.


However, inner floors of shipping container are typically made from marine-grade plywood, with some containers actually utilising bamboo instead. Because these floor options are flammable, interior damage is likely when there is a fire that reaches the floor of a container.


Shipping containers, when sealed, don’t allow enough oxygen for fires to thrive most of the time. In the event of a fire in a shipping container, one of the major concerns is that it might spread.


If there’s a fire in a container in a container yard, it’s likely that the fire will not spread across containers. Especially considering the fact that there can be hundreds, if not thousands of shipping containers stacked together in a container yard.


Using Fire Resistant Shipping Containers


While it is, of course, desirable for almost anything to be fire-proof (especially if it is being used to house items or people), this is one of the reasons why converted shipping containers are a great option for many different uses.


Using second-hand shipping containers is an eco-friendly and innovative way to create new temporary and mobile homes and room spaces. From office spaces to plant rooms, designers are seeing the benefits of using these like giant building blocks thanks to their safety and flexibility features. With a bit of customisation, modified shipping containers will retain their fire-resistant benefits.


Complete Shipping Container Modifications in Perth, Australia


If you are looking for a fire-resistant space to house machinery, people or other items, then a converted container is a great solution.


The team at True Blue Containers have a range of sizes and grades available for container homes and modifications in Perth, Australia.


We are passionate shipping container providers who offer top-quality storage solutions for commercial, consumer, and heavy industry requirements.


We can also provide modifications to a shipping container you already own. All you have to do is provide us with your idea and a detailed sketch that includes your unique requirements. We’ll then provide you with a quote on the work and get started on your modifications.


True Blue Containers’ staff members are available to help and advise you on the practicality and processes involved in undertaking shipping container conversions or modifications. We have many different sizes and types of containers available, have a look at our gallery. Don’t delay and send us an enquiry today, or call 0418 610 641 to discuss your modification ideas.

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