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Factors Impacting Shipping Container Prices

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Do you need to ship freight internationally? Container shipping prices can quickly eat up any profit if you don’t plan and research your options. Whether you’re sending from Perth or over east, freight shipping costs typically depend on six factors. 

Read on to learn more about the six key factors impacting sea container prices.

  1. Cargo size and weight: the size and weight of your cargo will hugely impact the cost involved, as will the method of transport. Typically, when shipping by air, the price is based on weight. When shipping by sea, the cost is based on the container’s dimensions. 
  1. Shipping Distance: think of it like this: the further the container must travel, the more it will cost. 
  1. Shipping Type: international shipping fits into three basic categories: land, sea, and air. Each shipping method has different price ranges and delivery times. Air is the quickest but also the most expensive. Keep in mind that even when shipping by air or sea, there will be some transportation over land. Getting the container from the airport or port to its destination may cost extra, so factor in that cost. Ask the shipping company if they offer door-to-door service as it may save inland delivery costs and logistical issues.
  1. Destination: when shipping internationally, customs fees can hugely impact your costs. The destination may charge customs duties and other service fees at the port, including (and not limited to): 
  • Container Inspection Fees
  • Quarantine Fees
  • Insurance Coverage
  • General Rate Increase
  • Inland Delivery Fees
  • Terminal Handling Charges
  • Port Service Charges
  1. Seasonal Rates: when you ship can also impact sea container prices. August to September and January to February are peak international shipping times, so expect higher freight shipping costs. Throughout these months, space is limited due to high demand. If cost is an issue, avoid shipping during these times.  
  1. Currency: typically, the common denomination used for international transaction purposes is the US dollar. Ocean freight rates depend on the fluctuating rate of exchange which can cause heartache for us here in Australia if our dollar weakens against the American dollar. 


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