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What Are Shipping Containers Made Of?

corten steel

One of the most asked questions we hear is, “what are shipping containers made of?” The simple answer is Corten steel. Also known as weathering steel, Corten steel is the primary material in shipping containers.

What is Corten Steel?

Corten steel differs from other steel types in that it’s a group of steel alloys developed to eliminate the need for painting. Most container manufacturers use this material due to its physical properties: it’s weldable and rust resistant. 

Shipping Container Components

Corner Castings: these are reinforced corner posts of shipping containers. These have openings for twist lock connections allowing them to be connected to other containers or anchor points. Corner castings are designed to withstand being lifted by rigging by a crane, even when fully loaded.

Twist Locks: these connect shipping containers to anchor points or other containers. The end of the twist lock fits into the corner casting, then pivots to a locked position, usually via a lever.

Cross Members: also called beams or joists, cross members support the shipping container’s floor. They work to lift the structure away from the ground and mitigate the risk of damage caused by natural elements.

Forklift Pockets: most shipping containers have two openings along the bottom edge of the structures, called forklift pockets. These are reinforced slots designed to accommodate forklift tines. 

Cargo Doors: typically found at one end of a container, some shipping have doors at each end, and some even have side walls that act as cargo doors. These doors help prevent theft and inclement, offering security for the contained. 

CSC Plate: CSC is an acronym for The International Convention for Safe Containers. The CSC is a set of standards to prevent structural failure and protect human life. A container with a CSC plate confirms it’s been examined by a qualified inspector and is cargo-worthy and safe.

Types of flooring in sea containers

Marine-Grade Plywood: most shipping containers have marine-grade plywood flooring infused with a small amount of insecticide. 

Bamboo Flooring: Bamboo is mildew resistant, durable, and a renewable resource. Bamboo is a fantastic flooring choice for converted shipping containers.

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Any more questions?

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