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Innovative Uses for Shipping Containers


Sea containers are being used extensively within the shipping industry for various transportation purposes. However, they are also recycled and used in many innovative ways outside of the industry.


These massive shipping containers are durable. This trait is one of the main reasons why it can withstand even the roughest handling and shipment. It is also the reason why there are countless possibilities for what you can do with them.


Here are some of the most creative ways for shipping container uses you can do with them today.


Use as a Swimming Pool


For those of you who don’t own a pool in their backyard, perhaps purchasing an old shipping container can help solve that dilemma. Not only do these containers look like an out-of-this-world way of beating the summer heat, but it is also going to be the talk of your town.


You can create a pool that measures the same size as the sea container. Based on your pool’s design, you can even drain and transport it to various locations.


To ensure that your swimming pool is in tip-top shape, you want to check that it is free of large dents and rust. Once you have cleaned and spray painted it, you can dig a hole of similar size as the shipping container.


Be sure that you place limestone to protect the soil. Once that’s done, you’re ready to install your own metal pool. Ensure that you have lined your pool with proper insulation. Covering the edges can also help make it look better overall.


Modular Housing


You may have seen many images on the web of houses that were made from sea containers. These homes can be relatively affordable and still quite sleep compared to owning a traditional house.


Using cargo containers to create spacious and big homes have become quite popular over the years. It has also become an excellent alternative to have over the regular options. You can even use these housing ideas as rental assets later on.




If you have a need to store tools such as gardening equipment, lawnmowers, and other outdoor items, then a shipping container is going to be a great choice. You can use it to help store the items while giving them total protection from nature.


You don’t need to bother building a wooden shed anymore. With a shipping container, you can have a shipping container storage solution that looks cool and can last for a very long time. They also provide more security compared to wooden structures.


Food Kiosks


Right now, a lot of people are being creative and innovative to provide customers with a unique way of eating outside of their homes. The food isn’t the only thing that’s changing, but also the dining experience for individuals.


With the unique shape and size of these shipping containers, they make for one of the best choices to set up attractive food kiosks. These containers are also easy to transport, so you can bring them with you wherever you go.


If you’re looking to set up a permanent structure, then there’s nothing to worry about. A sea container can also be used to serve that purpose.




Are you looking to bring back the old times when you have a film camera wherever you go? There’s no doubt that using film cameras still have a unique appeal and can even fascinate those tech-savvy photographers.


If you wish to keep this tradition alive, you can create your own unique darkroom with the help of a shipping container. Since these containers can be sealed tightly, you can easily manage the lighting and temperature to create a solid darkroom for your needs.


As a bonus, shipping containers lets you have more control over what you can add to your own darkroom.




The lack of space in most homes when it comes to work-related privacy has forced people to try different solutions to get what they need. Investing in modular shipping containers as an alternative workplace has become quite popular already.


The build that these containers provide makes for a perfect choice for workshops. You can transform small or big sea containers to provide you with everything you need to work on your special projects.




Space is one of the biggest problems in many places worldwide. With shipping containers, you can set up your own offices to accomplish what you need for your company.


Recycles shipping containers have proven to effectively take on the problem of the lack of space. By modifying them to meet your requirements, you can have spacious and convenient office buildings installed for your brand.


At True Blue Containers, we use shipping containers all the time to set up our offices. We’ve found them to be pretty flexible, durable, and a great addition to our company!


Emergency Healthcare Facilities


Disasters can happen at any time and in any place. There is always the risk that a person can get into an accident, and the need for emergency medical facilities have increased.


By turning old sea containers into healthcare facilities, you can help thousands of people without having to spend a lot of time and money to set these structures up. Shipping containers can quickly be converted into various medical facilities depending on the need.


Cafes and Bars


Another way you can use recycled sea containers is to turn them into coffee bars. These structures can be used to provide people with the much-needed caffeine that they require for their daily needs.


You can also set up inter-modal containers as disco bars, which can be especially appealing for the pub-hopping crowd. Creativity and clever adaptation can let you make awesome places to party.




If you need space to store important equipment and machines, then a shipping container can make for the perfect storage solution. You can choose from various sea container sizes to match your needs – from small storages to large containers.


True Blue Containers Can Help with Your Innovation


At True Blue Containers, we have the best shipping containers available for your next innovation. We offer new and used containers of all sizes that are flexible and versatile to match your needs.


Contact us today and let us help you create an amazing space for your customers!

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