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December 29, 2020
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February 19, 2021
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Shipping Container Hire for Events


Shipping containers are both easy to transport and to reuse, making them perfect for individuals and businesses looking to host events.


So, if you’re hosting a music festival, a big party, a community market, or just want some customised temporary space for a brand promotion, consider hiring a shipping container from True Blue Containers.


Shipping containers are customisable, and stackable, which is great if you have a small amount of space allotted to you. They provide protection against bad weather, are durable and secure, and a unique and contemporary way to present your business to customers, effectively building brand awareness. 


True Blue Container Modifications

Shipping container modifications can include windows, doors, and extra ventilation. Interior makeovers allow your container to fit in with your corporate style and provide a personal, non-industrial touch.


New and second-hand containers can be modified to ensure they meet specific accreditation by local and state government. We work with accredited engineers to ensure your shipping container modifications meet all bylaws and regulations. For more complex modifications, we use the specialised expertise of an engineering and drafting service to ensure container conversions meet safety and quality standards.


What are shipping containers used for at events?

From micro-offices for land sale events, to a place to display your latest clothing collection, shipping containers are a versatile way to create a unique space for your customers. They are easy to transport, safe, secure and weatherproof and create a real talking point.


Why are shipping containers so perfect for events?

Here are a few reasons why shipping containers are so brilliant for use at events:


  • Elevate experiences: in a sea of canvas marquees, stand out from the rest in a shipping container
  • Transformable: Fold down walls, removable doors, retractable awnings, moving displays
  • Customisable: add windows, doors, awnings, desks, racks, storage.
  • Mobile: easy to deliver and return
  • Stackable: extra storage or display space at your fingertips – perfect for a DJ’s desk.
  • Ready to go: we have stock at our depot ready to go, however, customised options may take some time
  • Easy to hire: simply give us a call to get started with your sea container hire in Perth.


Why use True Blue Containers at your next event?

True Blue Containers is a dynamic, WA-owned business, with a combined 40 years’ experience. Our goal is to provide you with the best advice on selecting the right shipping container for your event.

Transport and delivery options are available, and our team can advise on logistics.


Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or visit us at our depot. Have a look around the yard and inspect what we have available.


One of our consultants can assist you with any questions or call 0418 610 641 for the right advice on hiring, selling and modifying your sea containers.

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