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Container Storage vs. Self-Storage

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There may come a time in your personal, family, or business life, where you need additional storage space. You might be moving to a new house, looking for a place to keep surplus inventory, or wanting to have on-site storage while building. Whatever you need, there are several options for temporary storage.


The two most popular temporary storage options are shipping storage container rental or renting a personal storage unit. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of both.



A self-storage unit looks similar to a single garage with a metal roller door. It is usually part of a large number of storage units within a building or mini-storage facility. You drive up to the door and unload your items. Self-storage units help in the long-term storage of things you are not likely to need regularly. However, if you plan to store items you plan to access regularly, remember you’ll have to travel back and forth every time you want to use something.



  • Immediate access to your storage space.
  • Excellent security – the facility’s storage access security system, along with video surveillance and security guards.



  • It can be tricky to transport your items – meaning you might need to hire transport services or use dollies to relocate your items.
  • Some facilities might not offer 24/7 access
  • Travel time to and from the facility
  • Little choice in unit sizes
  • No customisation options
  • Requires a minimum number of days/weeks commitment, with additional contract break fees.
  • Rigid cancellation policies.


Shipping container storage

Hiring a shipping container in Perth can be the most practical short-term solution. Located on-site, close to you, you have the ease of access to all your stored items without travelling or using transport items, such as dollies.



  • Multiple storage container sizes with the option for customisation.
  • Delivered where you want it when you want it
  • Pay month-to-month as your needs change.
  • Constant, unrestricted access to your items, 24/7.
  • Weatherproof and insect-proof.
  • Portable units available to move your belongings anywhere.



  • Takes up space on your driveway or property.
  • Slight wait between booking and delivery depending on availability
  • Delivery and collection fees.



While self-storage units are useful, they may not be the best option for your temporary storage needs. Hiring a shipping container offers a safer, more cost-effective, and convenient storage solution.


Why choose True Blue Containers for temporary storage solutions?

True Blue Containers is an experienced shipping container supplier in Perth. You can use our sea containers for temporary storage, interstate relocation, event hire, dangerous goods storage, refrigerated transport, temporary office spaces, and market stalls.


We welcome you to get in touch with us or come and visit us at our depot. Have a walk around the yard and see what we have available.


One of our consultants can assist you with any questions or call 0418 610 641 for the right advice on shipping container storage and hire.

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