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Is There A Shortage Of Shipping Containers In Australia?

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Since the emergence of COVID-19, the world has faced enormous challenges. It’s no surprise that the global shipping industry is under pressure as supply chains slow, and the lack of storage space is a growing concern. Warehouses, ports, and container yards reached capacity due to lockdowns and restrictions. According to statistica.com, around 80 percent of all goods are carried by sea, making the global sea container trade estimated to account for approximately 60 percent of seaborne trade.


This brings us to the question, is there a shortage of shipping containers in Australia?


There’s no doubt that Australia is experiencing extra pressure on its shipping container storage capacity. It looks like this will continue until global trade returns to pre-COVID efficiency. The recent blockage of the Suez canal highlighted the importance of sea trade, as suppliers and manufacturers panicked over the costs incurred by the delay.


Ongoing delays

The shortage of shipping containers, long delays at ports, and the smaller number of cargo ships stopping in Australia are causing problems for exporters whose stock is back piling in storage. These delays are causing price increases across the industry, with containers increasing in price at unprecedented levels.


Easing of restrictions

As Australia starts to ease restrictions, we’re confident the global shipping industry will restart here at True Blue Containers, and the supply chains will pick up the pace again.

It may take a few more months for stock to redistribute worldwide, but sea containers remain the most efficient and cost-effective way of transporting goods. While the ongoing delays have increased costs, food and pharmaceuticals are still priority cargo; unfortunately, the manufacturing and construction industries are facing significant delays, along with businesses like Australia Post.

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