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How 2 Australian Companies are Working Together to Provide Their Customers With a Complete Solution

How 2 Australian Companies are Working Together to Provide Their Customers With a Complete Solution

True Blue Containers is a Western Australian business that specialises in the sale, hire, conversion and storage of shipping containers. The company supplies a wide range of shipping containers that provide a secure, efficient and cost-effective way of storing and transporting goods.

To deliver a complete end-to-end solution for their customers, True Blue Containers works in close collaboration with Reef Group, a freight transport company based in Perth. With a fleet of state of the art machinery and an innovative approach to freight and logistics, Reef Group has the resources and expertise needed to efficiently transport shipping containers wherever they need to go.

Individually, True Blue and Reef Group are innovators in their respective fields. Together, they represent the best option when it comes to purchasing, hiring and transporting sea containers in Western Australia.

True Blue Containers: The Provider of Choice for Shipping Containers in WA

True Blue Containers understands that storage and shipping needs vary from client to client, and accordingly supply sea containers in a variety of sizes and configurations.  Containers can be hired or purchased, new or second hand.

In addition to supplying standard containers, True Blue offers an expert modification service to enable clients to customise their container to their own requirements.  From simple additions such as windows and PA doors to fully-fledged office and workshop conversions, the True Blue Containers team have the expertise to transform shipping containers into beautiful functional spaces.

True Blue Containers are a socially conscious organisation, keen to give back to the community.  The company donates to a variety of local charities, and have proudly provided 64 359 meals to people in need in Western Australia.

An Unrivalled Commitment to Customer Service

As a family-run company, True Blue Containers believes their business involves so much more than just supplying quality containers.  It’s about providing friendly, personable, timely service, and connecting with clients in a manner which instils trust and builds relationships.

This philosophy is reflected across everything they do.  The company’s customer-first focus drives True Blue Containers to provide a level of service unique to the industry.  True Blue’s enquiry process and services are managed by the sales team, to assist the customer – without robotic customer service agents and mountains of paperwork.  Active on social media, the team make every effort to answer enquiries and provide quotes as soon as possible regardless of office hours.

To ensure the container is delivered safely and in a timely fashion, True Blue Containers works in close partnership with Reef Group, a transport company that shares the same values of reliability, efficiency customer service. Established more than 15 years ago, Reef Group has earned itself a reputation as the safest transport company in the industry.

Reef Group: The Safest Container Transport Service in WA

Since 2002, Reef Group has been providing companies of all sizes with a reliable way of transporting sea containers and other heavy equipment throughout WA and across Australia. The company has a diverse fleet at their disposal, including tilt tray slide trucks, side loaders, Hiab Cranes and more. These vehicles, combined with the team’s high level of specialist industry expertise, enable Reef Group to transport shipping containers safely and efficiently.

It goes without saying that every customer wants to be confident that their goods will arrive at their destination safely and intact – but this has long been a challenge for transportation companies. A big part of Reef Group’s superb reputation for transportation safety (and one of the main reasons True Blue Containers decided to partner with them) is due to how the company handles offloading. Offloading has traditionally been the most risky part of the transportation process and is commonly associated with damage to goods.

Thankfully, this is all a thing of the past thanks to Reef Group’s offloading solution. The brainchild of Reef Group Director Rob O’Keefe, the company makes use of tilt tray technology, an innovative unloading method that is significantly different to that used by their competitors.

How is a Shipping Container Unloaded by Tilt Tray?

Regardless of how securely a container is packed, there’s a certain level of risk that its contents will shift around and possibly sustain some damage when the container is tilted on a very steep angle, as is the practice with most unloading methods.

In contrast to these antiquated techniques, Reef Group uses O’Keefe’s innovative tilt tray approach, which involves offloading the container at a small angle from the end of the tray by tilting the tray down to the ground. The truck is then slowly driven out from under the container, thereby gradually ejecting the container onto the ground. This keeps the container steady during the offloading process and can do wonders for keeping good safe and secure. To see the system in action, check out this video of a 20 foot sea container being unloaded in real time.

Reef Group’s forward thinking approach to shipping container transport safety has been widely recognised in the industry and beyond. In 2015, O’Keefe was named a finalist for the WA Innovator of the Year award in the Growth Category.

Reef Group and True Blue Containers: Working in Collaboration

When it comes to hiring and buying containers, True Blue Containers is Reef Group’s provider of choice. The process is straightforward, and allows Reef Group to focus its energies on delivering a high standard of service to their customers. And for transportation, True Blue Containers knows it can rely on Reef Group to never drop the ball. Their drivers are neat, well presented and consummate professionals, which make a huge difference to the industry standard. No matter how many containers are needed, True Blue Containers knows that Reef Group has the resources and professionalism to take care of it.

Each company taps into the other’s strengths, enabling them to quickly hire or purchase containers and have them delivered via the safest methods of transport possible. Together, Reef Group and True Blue Containers work in collaboration to provide a complete solution to end users.

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