Shipping Container News & Updates

September 1, 2022
sea container cafe

Sea Container Café – What Are The Benefits?

If you have walked around a shopping centre recently, there is a good chance you’ve seen a food outlet operating out of a converted shipping container. […]
August 24, 2022
corten steel

What Are Shipping Containers Made Of?

One of the most asked questions we hear is, “what are shipping containers made of?” The simple answer is Corten steel. Also known as weathering steel, […]
August 10, 2022
ship loaded with sea containers

Factors Impacting Shipping Container Prices

Do you need to ship freight internationally? Container shipping prices can quickly eat up any profit if you don’t plan and research your options. Whether you’re […]
March 21, 2022
sea containers fire

Can Shipping Containers Burn?

The simple answer is yes, they can. However, the answer also lies in the materials used to make a shipping container. The right materials and modifications […]