Shipping Container News & Updates

June 28, 2021
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Why Are Containers So Crucial To The Shipping Industry?

The shipping container industry started in the mid-1950s when American Malcolm McLean patented the first container ship. The International Organization for Standardization began outlining standardisation of […]
June 22, 2021
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The History of Sea Shipping Containers

Recently, the Ever Given, a gigantic container ship the length of four football pitches lying end-to-end, became wedged across Egypt’s Suez Canal. The whole world looked […]
May 26, 2021
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What Can You Fit Inside a Shipping Container?

If you’re thinking about hiring or purchasing a shipping container to store or transport goods or materials, you may be wondering how much you can fit […]
May 20, 2021
moving shipping container with forklift

How Do You Move A Shipping Container?

Buying your shipping container from True Blue Containers was a brilliant experience. It’s been delivered and is ready for you to fill up. Now, it’s here […]